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This room is coloured in orange, like the oranges that fly through the sky in the piazza during the historical Carneval of Ivrea. This antique tradition every year illuminates the city with banners and tunics of the orange teams with non fatigable warriors battling the guards of the tyrants that defends themselves on the trailed wagons of horses. Breathe in the perfume of the atmosphere of this party in every moment of the year and treat yourself a night beside the rebels and the riots who chase the Marquis of the Monferrato to free the city from the tyranny

+ Double bed (or two separate single beds) with third bed available
+ Independent access with overlooking view of the courtyard of the building

+  Possible to access the suite room 'the Serra' for bigger space
+ 17㎡ surface bedroom 

from€ 90


This room is coloured in acqua green, like the reflections of the creek that cuts through the rich land of minerals at the Serra Morenica. The amphitheatre in stones and the greenery that surrounds Ivrea inspired this room which becomes the stage scene for an unforgettable night between nature and the million year history. Run through the green trail through 'Via Francigena' and get lost in the nature left from the ancient glaciers up to the snow tops of the Valle D'Aosta 

Double sized bed with a third bed availabe

Independent access from court yard

Possible to access another room 'The Carneval' for more space

24 ㎡ surface bedroom with 5㎡ surface bathroom with shower and a bathtub

from€ 90


This room is coloured in red and grey like the creativity and the preciseness of the innovative enterprise of Italy's 20th century. It filled the city of Ivrea with type writers, computers, architects and designers. Live the lives of Camillo and Adriano Olivetti, the family who molded the first half of our last century and gave it their all to make this incredible adventure between the worlds of industry, technology, design, urbanization, politics and philosophy.

+ Double bed (or two separate single beds)

+ Access through reception

+ 17th century buliding view from window

+ 14㎡ surface bedroom with 4㎡ bathroom with shower

from€ 90

This room is coloured in ochre yellow and terra cotta, like the brick walls of the castles found in the hills of Canavese: Masino, Agliè, Ivrea, Montalto Dora, Pavone, Mazzè and many other more. Castles tell a story of history and nobles, such as Arduino, first king of Italy, but also many more of poets, travellers, artist, writers, dreamers that lived throughout the century. Spend a night reversed in time surrounded by wooden beams and a big clock then read the stories and legends to live in the ancient times.

+ Double sized bed

+ Access through reception

+ Garden and 17th century buliding view from window

+ 16 ㎡ surface bedroom with 4㎡ bathroom with shower

from€ 90


This room is coloured in gold and green like the ray of the sun and some of the juicy Erbaluce of Caluso grapes that only grow in the hills of sand and pebbles at Monte Bianco, Cervino, Monte Rosa and all the alpines of Valle d'Aosta. Taste the freshness of the exquisite wine which came bottled from many patient processes and work from the roots of the vines which is actually situated deep inside a poor and sandy land. You will appreciate also the taste which came from the love and care of the sun during the summer time which gave the grapes a darken shade to concentrate the sugar which finishes in having a soft and round taste to the Passito di Caluso. This one and only wine from Italy gives a musical and evocative name which expresses the harmony between scent and taste concluding in a perfect chemistry for meditation, caress on the soul, stimulation of emotions for who knows how dream with eyes open.

+ Double bed (or two separate single beds)

+ Access through reception and stairs to access the room

+ Garden and 17th century buliding view through windows

+  16 ㎡ surface bedroom with 3㎡ bathroom with shower

from€ 90


This room is coloured in violet and lily like the soft velvet curtains of the theaters or the rich dresses of the Tosca or Madame Butterfly. Giuseppe Giacosa, a scholar, medievalist, philanthropist, and the librettist of Puccini will welcome you to the dreams of literature and stories, places and characters that come out in his operas. Inspired by medieval times of the end of the 1800s, images of faraway towns, Canavese nature come to life in the room telling a story of the music with the lyrics of the opera.

+ Double bed (or two separate single beds)

+ Access through reception

+ 17th century buliding view from window

+ 14 ㎡ surface bedroom with 5㎡ bathroom with shower.

from€ 90

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