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Vigna del Belvedere

Have you ever spent a walk in a vineyard with a lullaby of crickets and the sunlight on the forehead? How about a tasting between the rows of grapevines? Not to mention about the thousands of colours during autumn, the grape harvest season and the warmth of the flames on the firestove to prepare dinner. When was the last time when you felt pure emotions, a caress on the soul, an unforgettable wine tour with your loved one?

La Vigna del Belvedere (The Vineyard of Belvedere) is a magical place which is exclusive, rich with history and fascination. This balcony facing the amphitheater of moraine hills of Ivrea was created from glacier formation from 10-12,000 years ago. Today, the vineyard is inserted as one of the historic gardens and parks of Province of  Turin and considered as an Italian Botanical Heritage among with many important botanical beauty of Italy. From many centuries, these hills were destined to be cultivated for grapevines: soil so poor with organic materials but rich with eroded minerals from glacier beside the Alps of Valle D'Aosta region.

The vineyard was definitely apart of the Castle of Loranzè but in the 700's it was passed to the family of Giacosa in which was born Giuseppe Giacosa, a poet/writer of Giacomo Puccini and the author of the opera Madame Butterfly, Tosca and La Boheme.

Today the vineyard is entirely cultvating grapes of Erbaluce di Caluso, a native vine of the territory using methods which is absolutely natural and organic without risorting to fertillizers, pesticides, insecticide and systemic products. 

The positiong of La Vigna del Belvedere has a 360° view to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Canavese hugging you with moraine hills. On oneside there sits a castle called Castel Rosso, and deep inside the vineyard a small house, 'Il Villino' which used to be a quarantine house for the visitors of the castle. The rows of vines of Erbaluce (the word comes from 'alba' and 'luce' which means 'sunrise' and 'light' due to the purple-pink sunrise colours of grapes when they areready for harvest) will steal your breath away with sunset-coloured roses tickling your nose with its perfume everytime you breathe in the fresh air.

Il Villino house of Vigna del Belvedere is ideal for tastings, tour, events and who wants to enjoy a romantic getaway.

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