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SPAZIO [BIANCO] - Camere con Cultura (Rooms with Culture), is a concept, a new philosphy of hospitality experience which offers guests more than just a place to stay.

Combining hospitality and local treasures, it adapts to the needs of a modern traveller who crave for authentic expriences and with direct contact with art, culture and tradition of the area, and to those who are passionate for the quality of food and the beauty of craftmanship.

SPAZIO [BIANCO] – Camere con Cultura, serves as a catalyst between energy and local experiences. It is the source of culture with constant change which selects and offers travellers catalogues of itinerary and experiences that brings you to live in a different dimension of being a tourist which is the Culture of Territory. The hospitality for us is an expression of creativity. 

SPAZIO [BIANCO] – Camere con Cultura, is an evocative idea of a neutral space in which alternates itself between story and situation. The space can be served as an art gallery, a workshop, or simply a place to enjoy for lovers with good taste. It is an empty art frame, an open scenematographic stage that gives value to operas, images and ideas.

Spazio [BIANCO] – Camere con Cultura, is contemporary, in continuous evolution, surprising changes and a point of departure to discover the territory.



In every room the guests can live and discover the different ambient inspired by themes of the territory of Canavese: the vineyard of Erbaluce Caluso, the medeival castles, the industrial story of Olivetti, the historic carneval of Ivrea, the author of the opera Giuseppe Giacosa, and the incredible scenaric nature of morainic hills of Serra. We invite you to experience every single detail to immerse yourself completely and sink in to our territory.

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